Carnival in the Netherlands: How do I celebrate it?

Last weekend I went back to the Netherlands to celebrate one of the most important events of the year, Carnival. A lot of people don’t understand this celebration. I grew up with this and it is in my blood. But still I want to show you why Carnival is that great. So here is my first try to show you how my Saturday and Sunday looked like:


5:30 Alarm is ringing, I need to go to the airport

7:27 Arrive at the airport

8:30 Plane leaves to the Netherlands

10:45 Arrival in the Netherlands

11:05 Visit my grandparents

13:19 In the city, Eindhoven, to meet a friend and watch the parade together

13:52 Parade is passing us

Carnival Parade Eindhoven

Carnival Parade in Eindhoven

15:46 Going back home

18:27 In the church to start Carnival, a lot of laughter and singing. Not a typical mass in the church.

19:56 End of the mass in the church

21:34 Entering the first pub

22:45 Finally time for dancing after a lot of catching up, it just feels like a reunion with seeing all my friends

00:11 Someone carries a Christmas tree inside the pub

00:47 Back home, quite tired and tomorrow I will participate in the parade


09:30 Alarm

11:03 Arrive at my friends place to make ourselves ready for the parade

13:39 Parade supposed to start at 13:11 because of the magic number 11 (number for the crazy people). However now we finally start moving

15:30 Entering the main part of the parade, busy and so many familiar faces

Carnival Netherlands

Our group during the parade

16:25 End of parade (Pictures of the parade)

17:15 Back home to have a quick dinner

18:59 Back together with my friends in a tent to watch the award ceremony

19:20 YEAH! Winning the first prize in our category

19:45 Going out for dinner, the mayor joined us for dinner

19:54 It is clear we entered the Chinese restaurant. Somepeople are already quite drunk from our group and wants to have a lot of attention

19:56 Everything goes into our trophy, after drinking beer from it now we are eating the Chinese food from it

20:19 Need to drive unexpected because I am the only sober one

20:31 False alarm so we can go back to the restaurant

22:23 Singing on the street for a while because we met some friends

02:45 Arrived at a friend’s place to have ‘frikadellen’ (Dutch fried meat sausages)

03:50 Time to sleep

Monday and Tuesday:

On Monday is traditionally in the afternoon ‘dweilen’. Dweilen is the fact you move with a group of people from one pub to another. Besides that there are some bands playing on the street. In the evening you go out for party again.

Tuesday afternoon we participated in a pub quiz. We lost this pub quiz on half point. But still the beer was on our table so we didn’t completely loose. Unfortunately I didn’t join the evening because I had to take my flight back home. But normally you party till midnight and then go to a friends place to eat some eggs and celebrate the end of Carnival.